Looking for ways to elevate your Lunar New Year celebrations in the year of the Rabbit and impress your loved ones? This exclusive guide offers suggestions for pairing wines with 7 popular Chinese New Year (“CNY”) dishes, including Steamboat and Lohei. These recommendations are suitable for a group of 5 people or more. Let’s go!

One option for pairing with spicy shrimp rolls is an off-dry wine, such as a Lambrusco, to help balance out the salty and spicy flavors of the dish. This type of wine can help complement the taste of the shrimp paste and Hae Bee Hiam, and add an interesting twist to your Lunar New Year celebration.

One way to elevate your Lunar New Year hot pot experience is by pairing it with a Prosecco Rose sparkling wine or a Viognier white wine. The Prosecco Rose is a festive choice that pairs well with delicate ingredients like meatballs and sliced beef, while the Viognier is a rich and fruity option that goes well with seafood or vegetable-based hot pots. If you’re not a fan of sparkling wine, the Viognier is a round and tasty alternative.

Wine and dine this Lunar New Year with some bubbly that pairs well with your traditional Lo Hei dish. Get your hands on this special Tiger edition and welcome in the year of the Rabbit in style. The refreshing bubbles will complement the flavors of your Lo Hei perfectly. Don’t miss out on this unique pairing opportunity!

Celebrate the new year in style with this special pairing for your CNY feast! For steamed white fish, try a delicate and floral Vermentino from Italy to complement the delicate flavors of the fish. This wine is sure to be a hit with your loved ones as you usher in the Year of the Rabbit.

Upgrade your traditional roast suckling pig dish with a bold, full-bodied, slight fruity Châteauneuf-Du-Pape wine that has a balanced tannins to counter the fattiness and oil!

A classic CNY dish, Peking duck is best paired with light to medium-bodied wines that won’t overpower the delicate flavor of the meat. The Old Vine Garnacha from Spain is a perfect choice with its fruity notes, hint of spice, and complex flavor profile that won’t overpower the juicy, crispy duck. GURANTEED!

Looking to impress your guests during CNY celebrations with the perfect wine pairing for your Bak Kwa? Go for a bold and rich Barossa Shiraz, with its ripe fruit and spicy flavors. Or, if you’re in the mood for something lighter, try a Malbec Reserva with its hint of cherries and spice. Either way, your bak kwa will be elevated to the next level with these delicious wine options.

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